Combo Probe LLLT (purchased separately)
$3,025.00 $3,750.00

The Curatron Combo probe utilizes phototherapy Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) red light radiation combined with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to stimulate healing and relieve pain without side effects.

Focused high PEMF power and high intensity super bright 50 AlGaAs diode cluster

Light peak power: 2000 mW @ 640 nm with 40 degrees light angle

Effective red light therapy area: 16 cm2 (~ 2½ inch2)

PEMF max intensity 150.000 micro Tesla (1500 Gauss) with XPSE, PC, 3D

PEMF max intensity 100.000 micro Tesla (1000 Gauss) with XP

Pulse frequency: 1 – 50 Hz