Curatron PC Professional Edition

Includes clinical software for targeted treatment with 163 programs (plus ten preset protocols) and is ideal for personal or patient data. The software also includes the ability to create custom protocols for the PEMF enthusiast. 

System includes:

Curatron 2000 PC
Size: 11.8" x 7.9" x 3.1" [20cm x 30cm x 8cm]  
Weight: 6lbs [2.7kg].

Very High Coil B: used for focused treatment in specific areas. 
Size: 8" x 8" [20cm x 20cm]  
Strength: 100,000 microTesla [1000 Gauss]

Full Body Mattress: used for full body treatment
26" x 71" [65cm x 180cm] (15,000 microTesla = 150 Gauss)
Size: 26" x 71" [65cm x 180cm]
Strength: 15,000 microTesla [150 Gauss]


Dual Applicator Switch:  
Size: 6" x 3.5" x 2" [15.25cm x 8.9cm x 5cm] 


Test Magnet
Computer Software
Computer Connection Cord
Power Cord
User Manual (flash drive)
The PC does not come with a computer to run the software.