Curatron 3D Power SPA Edition

Includes clinical software for targeted treatment with 181 programs (plus ten preset protocols) and is ideal for personal or patient data. The software also includes the ability to create custom protocols for the PEMF enthusiast. The butterfly coil provides for the use of Curatron's brain protocols and expedited cartilage regrowth for hip and knee joints. 

The Butterfly Coil allow for the use of Brain protocols including:

Neuropathic pain
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Smoking Cessation (addiction)

System includes:

Curatron 2000 3D
Size: 11.8" x 7.9" x 3.1" [20cm x 30cm x 8cm]  
Weight: 7.7lbs [3.5kg].

3D Mattress: creates a 3D energy bath around the entire body. 
Size: 26" x 71" x 3.25" [65cm x 180cm x 8.25cm]
Strength: 50,000 microTesla [500 Gauss]

Butterfly Coil: used for the treatment of the brain or focused therapy in specific areas. 
Size: 8" x 8" [20cm x 20cm]  
Strength: 160,000 microTesla [1600 Gauss]

LLLT-PEMF Combo Probe: designed to utilize Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) red light radiation combined with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) to stimulate healing and relieve pain without side effects. Conditions treated successfully include anti-aging, increase of local circulation and oxygenation, joint & muscle pain reduction, reduced inflammation, acceleration of wound and open ulcer healing, skin repair, stimulation of collagen production, wrinkle reduction, scar fading, acne, hair growth stimulation. 
Size: 5.1" x 4.7" x 2.5" (4" with handle) [12.9cm x 11.9cm x10.2cm ] 
Strength: 150,000 microTesla [1500 Gauss]


3D Applicator Switch:  Allows convenient switching between the butterfly coil and either the 3D Mattress or the LLLT Combo Applicator.
Size: 6" x 3.5" x 2" [15.25cm x 8.9cm x 5cm] 


Test Magnet
Blind Plug
Computer Software
Computer Connection Cord
Power Cord
User Manual (flash drive)
The 3D does not come with a computer to run the software.