Curatron MULTI-FLASH 4000 Gauss
$4,975.00 $5,500.00

The Curatron Multi-FLASH is an IMPULSE PEMF system which produces sudden strong bursts of energy medicine. The high-intensity impulse system builds up power, like a bucket filling with water, then dispenses it all at once with a big rush, creating an explosion of PEMF energy during a very short time interval. It is high power, short exposure PEMF.

Technical Specifications:

Waveform: Impulse

Programs Length:  4 – 30 minutes

Pulse rate:  < 1 – 33 pulse/second, including 10 Hz program

Input voltage:   115 or 230 volt 

Warranty:  3 years on unit and 6 months on loop coil  

System includes:

Curatron Multi Flash

Size: 11.5” x 8” x 3” [29.2cm x 20.3cm x 7.6cm]  

Weight: 6lbs [2.7kg].

12" Coil (can be folded into a butterfly configuration) 

Size: 12" diameter [30cm]

Strength: 20,000 - 400,000 uT [200 - 4000 Gauss]

Test Magnet

Manual on USB Flash Drive