Curatron Software Version 8.02
Curatron Software Version 8.02 Curatron Software Version 8.02

The new Curatron Software (v8.02)  includes all the original protocols plus a new array of Neuro programs including:

Gamma: for heightened perception, learning, problem-solving tasks, cognitive processing. 

Beta: for the conscious mind alert consciousness, concentration, focus, cognition, and thinking

Alpha: for the subconscious mind, deep relaxation both physical and mental

Theta:  for the subconscious mind, REM dream states, deep meditation, reduced consciousness, increasing creativity, insight, and super learning.

Delta: for deep, dreamless sleep, loss of bodily awareness, body repair, healing of trauma and addiction, immune system, collective consciousness. 

This software is for the Curatron 3D or PC systems and is available for Windows platforms.